Barbara L. Green, LCSW




Do you treat your business associates better than you treat your spouse?  What would your marriage look like if you gave it the same respect you give your colleagues?  What would your career look like if you treated your colleagues the way you treat your spouse?  Imagine sending the following memo to your partner after the honeymoon.

To: My New Business Partner
From: Your New Business Partner

1.  While interviewing for this position I led you to believe I was very impressed with you...over the next few years I will let you know all the ways I am not satisfied with you.

2.  I don't like conflict so our partnership will work best if we do things my way.

3.  I have already experienced disappointment in earlier jobs.  I have had employers who did not value me.  They had unrealistic expectations of me and were insensitive to my needs.  Therefore, I expect you to give me everything that was missing in my former business relationships.

4.  I will put forth my best effort to create a healthy business relationship with you, except at those times when I am preoccupied, sad, angry, busy, bored, doing something else, playing a computer game, working out or talking on the phone.

Write a memo to your partner using the above as a guideline.  Be as honest as you can be about the "contract" you have established with your partner. eg. "I will greet you warmly at the end of the day unless I had a bad day in which case I will find something to criticize about you."  "I will always check with you when making plans to play golf on the weekend unless I think my plans will make you mad in which case I will wait to mention them until Saturday morning".