Barbara L. Green, LCSW




50 years ago my mother, after 5 years of marriage, told my grandmother that she wasn't sure she loved my father anymore.  My grandmother replied, "You have a house and a child, he has a job and he comes home every night...what's love got to do with it?"  (Yes, my grandmother coined that phrase long before the movie and the song became popular.)  So my parents stayed married and did the best they could to raise their 3 children....but times have changed and increasingly when couples are unhappy they decide to split up.

Over 50% of first marriages and over 60% of second marriages end in divorce.  Despite these grim statistics we have created a culture in which there is a stigma attached to talking about relationship problems, seeing a couples therapist or even attending a couples enrichment workshop.  How much worse do the statistics have to get before we can acknowledge how difficult it is to maintain a good intimate relationship?

I will be presenting anecdotes, ideas and facts about relationships over the next several months in my "Articles".  My hope is that they will stimulate discussion and perhaps even enable you to make changes in your own relationships.  Remember if you keep doing what you have been doing you will get the relationship you already have.

Are you ready to become more conscious about your most important relationships?  It is critical for us to recognize that as a society we are beginners at understanding how to have satisfying love relationships.  There are no experts on this journey...we are taking it together.